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MeshroomSTUDIO - VR Validation Software

Meshroom Studio VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) presentation software, allowing designers and product makers to validate instantly, at a very low cost and at scale 1:1, the design of their 3D objects. Until now, in order to validate a product proportion or ergonomy, designers had no other choice than to prototype their product.
What I did on this software is setup the user interface rendering (lighting, post processing), creating all the PBR material library and creating 3d environment for VR vizualisation (level design, PBR materials and lighting).

Etienne lesplulier meshroom 01

MeshroomStudio Material Editor

Etienne lesplulier meshroom 02

MeshroomStudio Material Editor

Etienne lesplulier meshroom 03

MeshroomStudio HDR Editor

MeshroomVR - Simple VR for Industry

Etienne lesplulier meshroomces

CES Innovation Award

Etienne lesplulier meshroom pbr

MeshroomStudio Material Library